Avarekalu Hummus and Roasted Ragi Crisps

Avarekalu Hummus and Roasted Ragi crisps

Here is a new way to consume our Avarekalu or Hyacinth Beans which is available around this time in Bengaluru.

A hit healthy party snack which is vegan and also gluten free. 🙂

Creamy Baked Potatoes with Herbs

Vegetables can be very versatile. I’ve loved vegetables since childhood mainly in cooked form. But now I am coming to appreciate various ways of cooking and treating vegetables to enjoy their earthy flavors. Steamed, Raw , Blended , Roasted , Grilled , Pickled and cooked.. we can do so much with vegetables. Even though I…

Broccoli and Millet Soup

Sipping on a bowl of hot soup can be such a delight to the senses. The warmth of the bowl in your hand. The comforting feeling of warm liquid trickling down your throat. The creamy texture , the play of sweet , sour , hot flavors on your tongue. The aromas.. It transports you to…

Sweet Mango Sambar

Hello Folks ! Make the most out of Mango season !  This is my motto every year before mangoes hit the fruit stores 😀 . And I did my best this year even though it seems like the season was shorter this year around. Anyhow I was enjoying the most I could adding them into…