Hello Lovely People !!

Thank you for reading my Blog on Vegan Cooking :).

I am Ekta Minocha,¬†Yet to find a description for my evolving self… A few words could be.. ‘The Cat Lady’, ‘Yogini’, ‘Multipotentialite’, ‘Traveller’, ‘ShutterBug’. The list to grow as life happens :-).

I am a fairly new vegan with hands itching to make Yummy Vegan dishes in my kitchen. I was grown up spoilt for choice in my meals (all because of Mom!) hence I just cant stick to a few recipes / ways of cooking things for long. So the experimentation in Kitchen Began :). Before adopting a vegan diet I was quite worried about things like “How will my food taste?”, “Will I have to stop eating my favorite things?”. Thankfully because of some amazing people whose advice and support I have received, over a period of time all my doubts have bees busted.

I have been an Animal lover ever since I know myself. After becoming aware of the horrors inflicted on animals I turned vegetarian a decade ago. Inevitably Veganism was on the cards. What led me to explore Veganism was my childhood friend Aparna and the awesome work done by various people around the world to promote Veganism on the web. In my city Bangalore I am in constant touch with Facebook group “Vegan Bangalore” and i love to spend my free time volunteering at “Carrots-The healthy Kitchen” in Koramangala. Susmitha and her team do great work here to churn out some of the most delicious Vegan food :-).

Thoroughly inspired, I am here to sing a song about my Vegan Kitchen Odyssey. Hope you enjoy it along with me :-).

Love, Ekta