Online Yoga Classes by The Vegan Birdie

Namaste Dear Readers

I have been teaching Yoga to groups in yoga studios , gyms and private individual classes since 2015 uptil Covid lockdown. Now all my teaching in happening online. You can read a bit more about Yoga with me here – Yoga with the Vegan Birdie.

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Online Yoga Classes

Yoga practice to –

  • Build Strength, Stamina & Flexibility with Asanas
  • Improve immunity with asanas and breathing practices 
  • Find Mental Calmness with relaxing and meditative practices

Here are the details for my online classes –

Group Class Timings

2 Morning Batches. 1 Evening Batch

6:30 AM – Five Days a week , 8 AM – Three days a week , 6 PM – Three days a week (IST timings)

Suitable for beginner and intermediate practitioner. 8 AM class is a therapy class suitable for seniors and beginners too. Sunday morning is a meditative YIN Yoga practice.

Format of Classes

I teach Vinyasa , Hatha Yoga, Yoga with Props and Yin Yoga. Sometimes I mix these themes into a single class. Classes also include Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditative Practices. A bit more about these class formats –

Hatha Yoga – In this practice we hold Asanas for a longer time focusing on building strength and stability. We also focus on basics of alignment and breath. This helps a beginner practitioner to settle down in a new form of physical movement.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice – In this practice we do asanas in a flow one after another. Movements are coordinated with breath. This helps practitioners develop stamina and increase the metabolism of body.

A 40 minute flow practice

Yoga with Props – This practice takes inspiration from Iyenger Yoga format. Blocks , strap , Pillows , Chair , wall etc are used to find more opening in body. Even household items can be used to replace regular yoga props. This practice has a very comforting effect on body as you feel supported using the props and can hold longer. It also helps build a good alignment and understanding of the body.

Therapy Yoga – Therapy class is suitable for seniors , certain people with injuries and even as a replacement for your regular class if you are bit unwell on a particular day. The goal of the practice is to open and strengthen the body. I like to utilize props for this practice. It is advisable you come to the class with pillows / bolster, yoga strap , blocks & chair.

Yin Yoga – This is a slow and meditative format of yoga practice explained in detail here – Yin Yoga. I take this session on Sunday morning. This class is on a separate enrollment but regular online batch students can avail it once a month for free.

Mode of Class

Online via Zoom

A recording of class can be made available in case you miss the session for a short period.

What you require

A Laptop / Phone with good speed Internet Connection
Yoga Mat
Comfortable clothing
Props like Pillows / Bolster (specified before the class)

Group Class Charges

1800 Rs per month – 3 sessions a week (minimum 12 Sessions)
2400 Rs per month – 4 sessions a week (minimum 16 sessions)
3000 Rs per month – 5 session a week (minimum 20 sessions)

Per session cost 200 Rs

Register here :-

Online Yoga with The Vegan Birdie

Personal Class Charges

350 Rs for first Trial Class . Contact directly for customized monthly packages.

Youtube Channel


Certified Yoga Teacher

1000+ hours of teaching experience

YIC Svyasa University
RYT200 Hours Aayana Yoga Academy
Yin Yoga Certification Aayana Yoga Academy

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