Expresso Panna Cotta

Coffee and coconut milk is becoming my recent favorite combo. Thought this might be an innovative way to express it in an ‘Expresso Pannacotta’ :). This is a subtle and delicate dessert. Crunchy roasted almonds take it to another level. “Who doesn’t like roasted nuts anyway?” I would eat them with anything :).











A simple recipe with just five ingredients. Very quick and easy to make and will surely impress your guests.

200 ml full fat coconut milk (I used KARA)
Agar-Agar 2x2cm
2-3 Tbs Sugar (as per taste)
2 Tsp Instant coffee powder
3/4 cup water
Roasted Almond bits

I’ve used  Agar Agar sheet found in most retail stores. It looks like this.

1. Boil Agar Agar in 3/4 cup water until it dissolves.
2. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan heat coconut milk until you see the first few bubbles.
3. Add dissolved agar agar liquid into the coconut milk and keep stirring.
4. Add sugar and coffee powder into the above mixture and stir to dissolve.
5. Keep Stirring until the mixture thickens a bit for about 4-5 minutes.
6. Switch off the heat and put the mixture into moulds and keep aside to cool.
7. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours before serving with a dash of roasted almonds :).

Note- To de-mould gently run a butter knife along the sides of the mould. Overturn and tap the mould.

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