Yin Yoga Session on Sundays

Namaste Dear Readers You are most likely a student of mine if you have reached this link. 🙂 You can read more about Yoga from The Vegan Birdie here – Yoga Classes. Every Sunday I am conducting YIN Yoga session online. Yin yoga is a slow , meditative and restorative yoga practice. It is an…

Dark Chocolate Filled with Almond Butter

Hello Readers !! The Blogger mode is on today and I am here to share one of my most favorite recent creations. 🙂 We all love some Dark chocolate don’t we !? Dark chocolate is also one of the few safe options which is many a times vegan when you buy it off the shelf….

Yoga For Neck , Shoulders and Arms

Namaste 🙂 The current state of affairs in the world has confined most of us to our homes. Even though things are starting to improve a bit, still we are going to have restricted movement for few months. Working from home and managing your household responsibilities can add more stress on the body. We are…

Avarekalu Hummus and Roasted Ragi Crisps

Avarekalu Hummus and Roasted Ragi crisps

Here is a new way to consume our Avarekalu or Hyacinth Beans which is available around this time in Bengaluru.

A hit healthy party snack which is vegan and also gluten free. 🙂

Sugar Free Pudding with Apples

Hello Friends 🙂 I am back to share a recipe with you which has been on my mind since a long time. Recently I got a chance to actually try it. Off late I have been more inclined towards a gluten free and sugar free diet. And have been searching for ways to deal with…

Creamy Baked Potatoes with Herbs

Vegetables can be very versatile. I’ve loved vegetables since childhood mainly in cooked form. But now I am coming to appreciate various ways of cooking and treating vegetables to enjoy their earthy flavors. Steamed, Raw , Blended , Roasted , Grilled , Pickled and cooked.. we can do so much with vegetables. Even though I…